Inno-Sol is an Innovative Start-up

Inno-Sol creates, develops, and produces a technological platform of instrumentations in Ultrasound for Pre-clinical Environment on cellular, tissue and in vivo-animal models.

Knowledge: Inno-Sol shares with the Biomedical World its own knowledge and technological equipment platform within the scope of EU Community or National Research funded projects, expanding new competencies in the Researchers, accelerating and increasing the accuracy and reproducibility of their work. Inno-Sol is open to partnerships with Research Centers, Universities and Industry.

Need: To take advantage of the enormous wealth of information available on the cellular pathways acquired using plate wells, cell stimulation with ultrasound studies have been attempted within the common commercially available 6 to 96 well plates plasticware. Several physical phenomena arise from the interference of Ultrasound waves with this plasticware, affecting reproducibility, resulting in poor standard deviation of the data. We think that increasing worldwide portability of Researchers results is the goal to enlarge exchangeability of the experimental procedures.

Solution: Inno-Sol manufactures SonoWell® (CE marked), the first “all in one” ultrasound system aimed to Research Cell Applications, where Ultrasound Acoustic Energy is deposited on cell substrates in in-vitro and ex-vivo tissue experiments, using 4 transducers which may also independently sonicate simultaneously on different wells. All commercially available from 6 to 96 wells plates are suitable.

Increasing Control: Inno-Sol, thanks to Block-US™ and Inno-CAP™, controls the phenomena arising from propagation of lateral waves leakage, reflections, and intensity of the acoustic field with patented technologies.

Financial support received

The Inno-Sol entrepreneurial project co-financed by the European Union as part of the regional Pre-Seed announcement (Lazio Innova POR FESR 2014-2020) which promotes the creation and consolidation of innovative startups with a high intensity of knowledge application and initiatives spin off of Research. The aim of the project (Prot. N. A0122-2021-37082 of 09 / 09/2021) was to evolve an existing ultrasound prototype dedicated to cell and tissue research, which has reached the TRL9 level (Horizon 2020), validated with a technology already protected by patents granted in a product to be manufactured in series, CE certified, optimizing its design and usability and introducing it to the markets.