Inno-Cap it’s a Inno-Sol patented lid with pegs protruding toward the colture medium solution within the well, made of totally inert material which effectively matches the acoustic properties of the medium. In fact, its acoustic impedance – very similar to that of an aqueous medium solution – effectively allows ultrasound wave propagation to a phono-absorbent material suitably positioned on its top.


The formation of standing waves is desirable when sonoporation is the objective of the experiment; on the contrary, in stimulation experiments, all that should be avoided.
Inno-Cap minimizes standing waves propagating within the cell medium, avoiding the liquid/air interface by immerging itself inside the wells, slightly dipping its pegs in the meniscus of the solution (<< 1mm).
The ultrasound wavelet is effectively propagated through Inno-Cap and can be delivered on its top surface to a phono absorbent material, which definitely dampens the wavelet.

Targeted usage:

All Researchers dealing with cell stimulation via ultrasound

Empirical evidence:

Work in progress with different Research Centers


Available with 3 different peg heights so as to match different volumes of solutions of cell medium of the sample; compatible with any brand and format of cell plate (Falcon, Eppendorf, Corning etc…), and number of wells (6 up to 96 wells).

The Inno-Cap inert material can be sterilized with a cycle of autoclave run @124°C, up to 15 times.


Sealed in single unit packages.

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