SonoWell® represents the latest evolution of Inno-Sol’s technology and know-how.

The result of a long design and technological development process, tested in its evolutionary stages and perfected in operation with the support of some prestigious Italian Universities, SonoWell® is the first commercially available “all-in-one” ultrasound tool specifically designed and intended for experimental ultrasound applications on cells and tissue samples.

Designed for the Biologist researcher operating in Bio-Medical Research, configurable, modular, and expandable, SonoWell® is the first integrated device that allows Researchers to perform their ultrasound experiments using their preferred well plates from major global producers (from 6 up to 96 wells), managing with a single set-up the phases of programming, thermostating, sample movement, ultrasound delivery, and data analysis, producing accurate, homogeneous, and reproducible results.

SonoWell® allows the Researcher maximum flexibility in building and executing the experimental set-up, enabling the production of experimental activities with solid, concrete, and comparable outcomes.



SonoWell®  is configurable from 1 to 4 transducers, also at different frequencies, which can simultaneously sonicate on different wells, using common commercial plates from 6 up to 96 wells, with a frequency range from 500 kHz to 5 MHz, and making it possible to compare the frequency effect in experiments conducted on the same plate. Inno-Sol’s Patented Technology allows different frequency transducers to share the same Near/Far Field plane.


Inside the rack of only (40 x 40 x 40 cm), easy to locate in the laboratory on a benchtop, shelf or on a cart, both the ultrasonic frequency generator, amplifier and the fluidic control unit are accommodated – separating, warm circuit for sample thermostating and cold for transducer refrigerating – with their respective pumps and 10 µm anti-particulate and degassing filters. Quick release filter connectors allow easy replacements to be conducted directly by the researcher whose access is simplified via a side door. The entire delivery process is programmed, executed, and controlled by the System through its SonoWell Soft© software.

Accuracy and Ease of Use

The entire experimental workflow is managed by the proprietary software SonoWell Soft©. User-friendly, equipped with a multi-window graphical interface, SonoWell Soft© allows the researcher to program all the necessary parameters and protocols for the experiment, even offline:

  • The configuration of the transducers (1, 2, or 4) that the user wishes to use, among those available, which can function in parallel and independently of each other, without the need for replacements or changes to the prepared set-up and already performed calibrations;
  • The selection of the type of plate used;
  • The accurate selection of ultrasound emission parameters (such as frequency, intensity, sonication time, duty cycle, repetition frequency, etc.), customizable for each well;
  • The paths and trajectories of synchronous plate movement.

The ease of use and offline programmability on different Windows PCs allows the SonoWell® to be used within the same laboratory or department by different researchers and teams, using machine time only for the execution of experiments, making it a “shared-instrument” and significantly increasing productivity and usage possibilities.


The plates containing the biological samples are immersed in the thermostating tank and moved by high-precision stepper motor systems (2.5µm step), controlled by the System and programmed via SonoWell Soft©. The thermostating tank, the transducer holder, and the precision plate movement mechanics are structurally integral, therefore sharing the reference system of the coordinates and guaranteeing the perfect orthogonality of the axes and planes of the transducers.

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