Block-US it’s a Inno-Sol patented general solution to the problem of side-leakage and modes conversion of ultrasound propagating waves in the commercially available well-plates. It works using a proprietary polymer to fill all inter-well spaces and is applicable to all commercial disposable well-plates for cell culture. The polymer absorbs the transverse waves leaking-through and effectively dampens the lateral diffusion, when the plate is sonicated from bottom with ultrasonic waves. US impacting on the bottom well common lamina generates conversion mode phenomena which diffuses waves traveling both within the solid material thickness and other at its surface interface thus impacting also the inner solution within the well. Further benefit of using Block-US is the effective dampening of the bottom well surface waves traveling along the surface of common lamina material.


The use of Block-US allows the accurate quantitative assessment of the confined acoustic field in the target well, because transverse wave propagations  – and the resulting interfering acoustic phenomena propagating to adjacent wells in a radial manner  – are minimized, saving time in the execution of the experiment and saving money since fewer plates can be used:  all the wells in the plate can be used simultaneously when sonicated without interference between them. Currently Researchers avoid sonicating adjoining wells in the attempt to reduce the impact of the phenomena, in so doing they are greatly reducing the number of wells used in a plate for the experiment.

Targeted usage:

Targeted usage:
To be used by all Researchers dealing with cell-ultrasound stimulation under controlled conditions.
Compatible with any brand and format of plate (Falcon, Eppendorf, Corning, Greiner, Nunc, etc), and number of wells ( 6 up to 96 wells )

Empirical evidence:

When sonicating > 1MPa in the target well, dampens down to > 3-fold the conversion of wave modes propagation to nearby wells compared to control with no-polymer, air or water filling.

Work in progress with different Research Centers


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